Our wonderful congregation are the reason we’re in ministry. Here are some of the great things they’ve said about us.

Well I have been at the Fathers House for quite a while and I have been away for a good long while with my knee. This is my home and I know I was call to be here . I can not wait until I get back home where I belong they are my family there is so much love ve in this church it as I read the acceptance is so welcoming and of course pastors Tim And penny are the best.- Pam Shirley

I’ve always been to church, but never had one to call home, but this church is the first church I’ve ever been to that I can call home, and I can call everyone there family, they’ve made a huge impact on me and my family the last 6 months & I’m so greatful to the Lord for leading my family here ❤️-Mya Johnson